Meeting seals


You can join a professional trainer in small groups of 10 persons maximum in order to directly participate in the training of our seals and to get hands on experience.

You will be able to join the training on our main platform for 30min or one hour depending on booking.

Price: on request
Registration: required, please contact us at least one week in advance, detailed information via mail
Events can be scheduled on: Mo-Thu, So, on official holidays: 4-5pm, Fr 3.30-4pm, Sa 3-5pm
Visitors can spontaneously book a meeting seals event in addition to their normal entrance (if places are available)
Price: on request
Registration: spontaneously at the entrance
Events are scheduled for: Mo-Thu, Su, on official holidays 12am, 3.30pm
                               (exception: July 3, 2017 spontaneous meeting seals only at 12am)
Duration of the event: 15-30min depending on the number of visitors participating
Age information: children less than 5 yrs of age are only allowed to enter the animal facility when carried by an adult, children up to 12 yrs of age have to be accompanied by an adult